Unleash brand growth with next-gen simulated customers
Keplar delivers interactive models of your target customers using influencer audiences and 1st-party data. Assume nothing, deploy creatives faster than ever, and get enterprise scale at startup speeds.
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Keplar transforms lean marketing teams into customer-led creative powerhouses.

Iterate on
Creative Assets

Create customer-aligned text, image, and video assets with simulated customer feedback. Test multiple ideas at scale with simulated A/B tests, TURF tests, and Conjoint analysis.

New Markets

Discover new audiences, influencers, and go-to-market strategies to increase product reach.

Compare Audiences

Compare existing, aspirational, and competitor audiences to offer more personalized and differentiated products, services, and messaging.

Save resources for bigger impact
There are already too many pulls on your marketing resources. Keplar saves you time and money so you can focus on building a brand that transcends ordinary.

"A winning marketing strategy requires constant learning and optimization. Keplar offers a new way to unlock creative and audience insights faster, helping teams maintain velocity at scale."

Isa Rossi de Leon

Former Marketing Director at Calibrate
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We’re working with leading consumer brands to make customer voice a critical part of innovation.
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Our technology learns from billions of data points across the social web to deliver a new way to design and market consumer products.
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